Recording my Screen

I miss the good old days of teaching! When I had the opportunity to work on a Pivot Table Project with my team, I was ecstatic! We are all beginners, so needed all the help we can get! I decided to create a quick tutorial on how to create the Pivot Table using the WindowsContinue reading “Recording my Screen”


I’ve been playing around with Lightroom recently.  Haven’t mastered it yet, but am playing around with it on my spare time.  I like it a lot. It makes editing pictures a breeze. you can do your own edits by playing with lights, contrast, exposure, etc. Or you can pick on of the system’s many pre-loadedContinue reading “Lightroom”

Video Editing

During the pandemic, one of the things I started to spend time working on or learning about is Video Editing.  The video below is one I edited using the standard Video editor app that came with my Surface.  This one below is the one I clipped together using Premiere Rush. Let me know what youContinue reading “Video Editing”

My Journey with Canva

 I love Canva. This platform has allowed me to create multiple designs with ease.  Scroll below to see my creations! My very first creation! It was for my daughter’s 4th birthday party.   The sign I made for my daughter’s first birthday. Before and after – took a concept and edited to match my need forContinue reading “My Journey with Canva”

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